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Your own creative work space, studio or a fully equipped workshop for crafting, carpentry, painting, so that you can finally fully exploit your own creativity.


Whether your private project, the next order or a new workshop experience in a co-working atmosphere - all of this without the obligation of a rigid rental contract.


You can rent the rooms by hour, by day, by week and by month. In addition, you can use our tools in the various categories for a small flat-rate fee. We are also happy to offer you the option of ordering wood from our supplier so you can get started on site immediately. You should submit the order to us no later than 5 days before you rent the room. Just write us a message regarding your requirements and we will get your workspace ready to go.


Kategorie 1

  • Workbench & various work surfaces

  • Trolley

  • Festool vacuum cleaner

  • Hand tools for wood processing (chisel, Japanese saw, various angles, planes, etc.)

  • Hand tools for metal processing (files, vernier calipers, hacksaw, etc.)

  • Pliers (pliers, monier pliers, nippers, combination pliers, pipe wrenches, wire strippers, center cutters, etc.)

  • various angle grinders

  • drilling machine

  • various cordless screwdrivers

  • Upright drilling machine

  • Screw clamps

  • Vice small & large

  • various jigsaws

  • easel


Kategorie 2

  • Eccentric sander

  • Chop / pull saw

  • Plunge saw

  • Guide rail (including connector)

  • Fein multitool (including accessories)

  • Consumables (wood screws, wooden nails, wooden dowels, flat dowels, etc.)


Kategorie 3

  • Router

  • Flat dowel router

  • various grinding machines

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